Skid Steer Pavement Saw | Xtreme Cut HD Heavy-Duty Rock Saw

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Cut through asphalt and concrete with greater efficiency with the Heavy-Duty Rock Saw. This powerhouse delivers up to 20 FPM cutting speeds. Hydraulic side-shift and depth control allows skid steer operators to shift it up to 24” for maneuvering close to buildings and other obstacles from the comfort of your seat. Cut up to 18” or 24” deep. Side cutting teeth, a side motor protection blade, and a floating spoil deflector come standard.
  • max torque of 6640 ft lbs is highest in the industry
  • 1” thick support frame is rigid and adds mass
  • high performance piston motor
  • 1” thick wheel is also rigid and adds mass
  • Dual depth control legs improve stability while cutting
  • New motor & gearbox provides 33% more available torque than the standard Rock Saw
  • pressure line goes direct to the motor for max efficiency


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