Skid Steer Vibratory Roller- The Quick Pack Vibratory Packer

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Unique free floating design provides 30 degrees of oscillation to following the contours of the ground for even compaction across the entire roller.  Most designs are rigid which not only creates more vibration to pass directly into the machine but also creates un-even compaction.

Compact flatwork, trenches, and asphalt patching jobs while moving forward or in reverse. Offset drum design compacts next to sidewalks, walls or curbs. Drum oscillation keeps the roller in contact with the surface on uneven terrain.

  • Offset drum design allows the right side of the roller to extend past the machine. This is very useful when compacting next to sidewalks, walls, or curbs.
  • Durable one-piece drum for extra strength, no weld seams to fail or crack.
  • Dual-direction vibration motor permits compaction traveling in either direction.
  • Drum rubber isolation mounts reduce vibration transfer to loader and operator.
  • Solid shaft running the full length of the drum is equipped with 4 greaseable bearings.
  • Very strong 3”x3” square tubing and 5/8” plate steel solid frame is very stiff and strong.
  • Solid HD pivot pin mount system keeps you in perfect contact with uneven ground.
  • Dual urethane scrapers keep your drum free of mud and sticky materials.
  • High speed gear motor was chosen specifically for best possible packer performance.
  • Our 2,000-rpm shaft speed perfectly matches soil frequency of 2,000 vpm for maximum compaction.
  • Outboard spherical roller bearings stand up to very high speed and load ratings (23,400 lbs).
  • Inboard spherical roller (shaft) bearings are 6” diameter with 80,000 lbs. load capacity.
  • The roller bearings we use can self-adjust any misalignment for perfect performance under load.
  • Made in our factory here in Minnesota USA to the industry’s highest quality standards (ISO:9001).
  • Industry leading two-year warranty on all attachments.


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