Service After the Sale.
Most Say it, We Do it


Joe R.

The associates only concern was helping me resolve my issue.  She did a great job.

Jim H.

Noah and Tom both helped me with my initial problems on a Saturday. Then on Sunday, an additional problem arose. I contacted Tom...and we discussed the issue. There was nothing either of us could do about the issue at that time. We agreed to address it the next morning. As promised, I received a call first thing and the issue was diagnosed, and parts sent out same day. 


To be honest, this is the reason I buy attachments from your company. You typically aren’t the cheapest, but you get what you pay for. 

Not just the attachment, but service before and after the sale. 


We have been doing business with Tom House for several years...he is my go to guy for attachments. I recommend him every chance I get. 


This was my first experience with Noah...and he too was first rate. 


The inconvenience I had was immediately overshadowed by the quick response and assurance I was given. 


I will continue to do business with, and continue to recommend your company to my colleagues and friends. 

Brian G.


Jason T.

listened to the problem, cared about the situation and help partner to solve it

Joseph B.

Gabby was very helpful and emailed exploded views of areas of concern 

Andrew R.

Customer service is awesome!

Ron B.

I discussed my issue for the brand new attachment I purchased via email and sent pictures and the issue was resolved instantly with a warranty replacement part which is in route to my address. Thank you!

Ron L.

I got the help I asked for in a timely manner.

Jeff R.

The expectations I had were met or exceeded.

Ryan G.

Your crew just took care of the problem.  

Rob T.

Handled my problem easily 

Jim H.

Sales and service are second to none. Even on the weekend, both the sales and service department handled my issues. 


I recommend this company on a regular basis. My GOTO for attachments!!!


Special thanks to Tom and Noah. 

Adam B.

Quick response and ease of ordering. Thanks Ryan.

John V.

Tom was very quick to handle my issue,

And the next Girl I talked with I cant recall her name?

Was very helpful and kind and has my parts needed coming. ASAP

Chas K.

Great service

Rick Bestic

Joel and Seth were very knowledgeable and concerned with my satisfaction  on what I had ordered

Haskle T.

Great service

Jeff C.

Ask for receipt and received a email in 10 minutes.  Great service.

Michael B.

You guys are the best

Christopher K.

Your salesman Tyler Wolden made it easy to connect with the proper service people.  He answered questions over the weekend which helped .  Both Seth Paradis and the engineer made themselves available in very short order at the beginning of the week.  The engineer (forgot his name my apologies) took the time to explain the mechanics of the system and gave me some valuable tips for proper operation and this was also very helpful.  I was assured if I have continued problems the part will be warrantied and access to Seth's direct line for any future issues made it easy if I have continued issues.  I am very pleased and I am a tough customer but also a very loyal customer when all levels of staff engage in such a courteous and professional manner.  Well done to all involved, I am confident in my purchase now.  Thank you very much.

Tom G.

Helped me get the parts we needed. Thank you!

Bobby J.

My question was answered on the spot. 

Thomas P.

Easy to get a hold of and solved the issue

William T.

Excellent fast service polite sales person parts out the door immediately. Can’t thank you enough 

James B.

Every time I have, had a issue with my equipment they have been there and are great with their response to my problem I recommend this company to anyone

Charley W.

Great customer service and communication. 

Simon K.

One call to my salesman and the warranty dept call me and straightened my problem right out

John J.

Parts manager eager to assist

Brice R.

Every one was helpful on everything 

Jay V.

Seth was prompt and very helpful 

Al T.

I received a call the next morning after sending an email in which gentleman was extremely polite very informational and got parts right out to me can’t ask for much more

Randall B.

Quick turnaround on question with knowledgable answer.

Greg P.

AS per usual Chris and team did an exceptional job at servicing all of our needs.  Well done!!

Richard B.

The employees followed through until the problem was taken care of 

Jerry L.

I agreed,and it solved the problem

James B.


Kevin A.

Quick response

Don G.

You were prompt with getting me the help so quickly and the help was very friendly. Also the understanding, and willing to move this forward so I could resolve this issue.

Jay H.

Followed up and told me what I needed to know

John G.

They were there when I called. Handled the problem I had then sent the part I needed.

Kevin K.

What great people!!!!

and attention to detail. Very pleasant, professional but at the same time, down to earth , easy to communicate with.

Karl D.

less than 12 hrs (really overnight) I was assisted and the problem remedied. Quick Attach has a loyal customer here and they treat me the same as a company that runs lots of equipment.

Harry E.

Good job competed.

Bob J.

quick reply

Gary B.

Once the situation was explained the parts person was very helpful

Greg W.

Always available to answer questions and the problem was solved without my having  to turn wrenches.

Tom M.

Solid customer service and swift and competent tech support

James K.

Cory was very helpful in getting me the parts and information that I needed .

John B.

Every body is on the ball

Doug H.

Tyler was always there to answer questions on the hook up. Once I figured the connections, it's really a neat blade to work with. Anxiously awaiting the good weather to re-do all my roads around the ranch.

David E.

Seth answered each question, explained the hydraulic system and even returned call to insure everything was ok

Leslie M.

You got the job done.

Ray M.

Because the company handled it professionally ,accordingly and they backed their product up

Norm S.

gabby was just great to work with

Carl R.

Took care of me in 5 minutes.

Dallas T.

One call and my issue was handle quickly and above my expectations!

Patrick C.

Tech was very knowledgeable and helped out a lot

Bill L.




Greg W.

QuickAttach support helped me work through an issue on my specific skid steer with a new snowblower.  The quick attach tool was 100%... I had a misunderstanding on the proper operation of my skid steer functions & operation.  Fantastic customer service- I will only buy from QuickAttach.

Billy D.

Quick responses

Kelvin G.

Because they took care of it right away. Not all places do that.

Mark P.

Very courteous and helpful

Daniel H.


Greg W.

Tom / Seth&Parts have been extremely responsive.  Excellent customer service.  Your preferred shipper, Magnum, on the other hand, is the second worst I’ve dealt with.

Margaret L.

Gabie was great!  Took the time to help my guys.  She even came in early to meet the international time difference.  I really appreciated that.

Brandon H.

Tom house is always very helpful and very fast to reply

Jim D.

Technician was great on the phone. Resolved my ~ issue quickly.

Phil N.

Awesome company and great service!!

Christian D.

It is pretty simple,  spoke to Seth and he was able to solve my problem. He clearly demonstrated what customer service is.

thank you

Michael S.

Found a solution to my issue quickly. Very Friendly.

John G.

They get back to you ASAP. Will to make thing right at all times, thats awesome. John

Joe R.

Your staff has gone above and beyond from placing my order to handling my tech issues.

Michael S.

Understood the issue, Resolved quickly and generously.

David M.

Y’all got great people working there like Dennis FoleyAnd he takes care Of my problems pretty quick

Jerry L.


John R.

Customer service is outstanding. Very hard to find these days.

Kevin O.

The service team at Quickattach have been very  helpful with my issues, Although I should not have to be working on a brand new machine after less then an hours use (some shipping damage, some factory defects) but they sent me out the correct parts to do the repairs so Its better then sending the unit back to the Factory and waiting another 2 months.

William D.

Always fast in response, friendly and professional!!

Cory P.

Fast response, and took care of the problem immediately. Just nice to deal with people who care about their job, and product.

George O.

outstanding products and service . thank you be safe god bless

Shawn S.

Great customer service.

Kenny S.

The tech advisor Seth was very informative and professional in helping me solve the issue.

Warren D.

you did as you said you would do. You kept me informed up front of all developments and then acted accordingly

Joseph P.

Great service.

Brooke C.

Seth  Paradis your mechanic went out of his way to help me even though my piece of equipment was out of warranty. You would have thought I was someone super important

Anthony P.

Quick call back and service

Stephen T.

emailed me and supported me even did a facetime it is solved

David B.

It was easy to get what I needed. Thanks

John W.


Gilbert R.

The service was very helpful

Darrel R.

I told them want my problem was and they help me right away with no issues about it.  Wish everyone was that easy to deal with this world would be a lot better.  Thanks y’all.

Louie C.

It was a painless experiance

Dale D.

I received a call back in less than 15min feth in parts was very helpful in looking up parts needed and getting order processed quickly i have several attachment s made by quick attach and have been happy thus far with equipment and support ive got when problem s arise .

Jared H.

I liked working with the people at your company.

Chris C.

Guys guys knew what they were talking about and fix my problem on the first try

Lew K.

Immediate appropriate response for my relatively minor issue.  Greatly appreciated

Cory M.

Was very quick and helpful

Ben N.

It took a bit to find the person to handle what was needed, but once I got to that point it was handled correctly and efficiently.

David H.

Noah is very knowledgeable and friendly

Brad G.

Very good help in getting what I needed and very prompt.

James T.


Tom F.

My call I was answered right away, the tech that I spoke with was very knowledgeable and solve my problem properly and correctly, I was very impressed.

 thank you for what you do

Roger F.

Fast response and results

Daniel J.

Called the salesman I purchased it from and he relayed the message to tech. Had a phone call from tech within a short period of time. Tech was knowledgeable.

Jack K.

I was out that day and the service dept. tried to get back to me 3 times. Seth wanted to help me right away and take care of the problem.

Chris M.

Excellent customer service

John S.

Got back to me quickly

Morris A.

Very quick attention to what I needed

Jon W.

They did a great job, honestly feel like we were taken of. Proactively took care of an issue to the best of their ability. It is appreciated. Thank you!


Great Communication

William B.

Response was fast.  My issue was resolved in a very timely manner

Tony M.

Prompt service and great customer support.  Thanks guys!!!

Gerald W.

My issue was handled in a professional and timely manner.



Terry H.

Happy so far, when remainder of purchase arrives will post.

Jeff D.

They talked to did not treat me like a number

Doug D.

My representative was extremely helpful and went out of her way.  Does not happen these days!

Matt K.

Got the answer I needed quickly

Shane K.

Easily handled issue

Raymond S.

I had 2 needs after delivery of my Rage disk mulcher & they were immediately taken care of.

Thank You!

Larry G.

Seth and Mike were patient, knowledgeable and tenacious in solving the problem which I caused

Al R.

Noah Understood our problem

Randy O.

They were very helpful and got me info right away . Thank you

Ronald Y.

Fast courteous service.

Raymond D. Jr.

Wade made it seemless..Wade returned my phone call...I was on the phone so Wade emailed me quote and answers quickly!

Thank you!

Jim O.

Ryan calls but never pressured me to buy handled the repair very well covered the parts with out question

Karl D.

super amazing customer service. they worked through my issue until it was solved.

Michael C.

Very helpful service and speedy response.

Roger F.

Quick response, knowledgeable information on fixing

Dan M.

they were helpful and knew the problem i was having

Daniel W.

Quick response.

David H.

They understood my issue and quickly resolved my problem

Randall R.

Prompt and professional.


My first Quick Attach purchase.


Phenomenal product and service!


Thank you!!

Michael P.

Very good customer service Ryan was very helpful as well as the gentleman in the parts department.

Mark R.

Your guy gave me several things to try .and called back next day to see if it worked .was simple on my end after talking to him. Great service thank you