Certified Used - USED770 - $7195 - + Freight




2410XL X 60" High Flow 33-36 GPM

Low Hours

Great for sidewalk snow removal

A winning combination of product and service

Sometimes paying a little more gets you a lot more. That is exactly what is happening here! Interior Alaska gets some pretty good snowfall and I venture to say my snowblower can handle anything interior Alaska has to throw at it.

I have to clear a driveway a mile long so my task is not a huge project but it’s not small either! It really is peace of mind to know I have a product to match the task at hand, especially when your having to do it at -40 to -50 degree Fahrenheit temperatures.

When you compare a 2420XL blower to anything else on the market, you can really start to see the differences in quality of construction and how heavy duty the materials used are on this snowblower. Add the fact that the service provided after the sale is top notch.....you really do have a winning combination! Thanks QuickAttach for making life easy!


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