Quick Snow-Away 2420- Commercial High Flow Hydraulic Snowblower

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Quick Attach2 Year Warranty SKU: 910011

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A quality built snow blower that really works! Throw snow up to 40’ while clearing paths down to the ground. Features a no freeze-up chute design! Two important factors must be considered when purchasing a snowblower for your skid steer loader – gallons per minute and hydraulic pressure (psi) are very important to the ultimate performance and your satisfaction. Discuss these factors with your product specialist when purchasing. We custom engineer every snowblower to provide maximum performance for your make and model.
  • Standard Single Ribboned Auger flighting on the 2020 and 2420 series, is extra thick to increase lifespan in abrasive environments. Narrower flighting pitch makes the structure stiffer to withstand impacts better and move more snow to the center where the fan is located allowing our snowblower to blow more snow than our competitors.
  • Replaceable bolt-on high-carbon steel cutting edge.
  • Hydraulic relief – no shear pins.
  • Hydraulic control valve with electric solenoid controls all chute functions with built-in pressure relief system eliminating the need for shear pins.
  • Our adjustable heavy-duty skid shoes allow the operator to make quick and easy height adjustments. (optional)
  • Throws snow up to 40'.
  • Optional 16” Serrated Auger on the 2020 Series, or 18” on the 2420 is Optional as well, Standard on the 2420XL Series. Our unique high capacity fan and motor system requires a large 16” or 18” auger design that can handle more snow material. Our serrated auger design cuts through hard-packed snow and ice. This flighting completely covers the middle of the auger so there isn’t a “dead spot”.
  • No freeze-up chute design seals out snow and freezing slush.
  • The fan is mounted on a hydraulic motor eliminating the need for a gear box.
  • No Chains, sprockets or PTO shafts. Direct-drive hydraulic auger eliminates problematic chain drive.
  • Pressure relief valve protects the auger which replaces the need for shear pins.
  • Heavy-Duty Serrated Side Plates:  Our unique heavy-duty serrated side plate design made of 7 gauge steel on the 2020 and 1/4” on the 2420/XL. The snowblower with the serrated side plates is able to cut into hard-packed drifted snow or hard-packed piles of snow. This allows the auger to grind away at the pile loosening snow to feed to the fan.

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